The Pride in London Parade is taking place this coming Saturday to culminate Pride Week. A couple of years ago I enjoyed taking part in the Pride Parade as part of a group of poly folks from an internet group I’m part of.

Reflecting on this has gotten me thinking about the kind of things people are proud about. For example, many of the leaders of Civil Service have, quite rightly, talked about how proud they are of the people who work in our organisation.

People may be proud of their family, the teams they support, their alma mater or their nation. They can be proud of their personal achievements in academia, sport or numerous other things.

Now time for a sharp left turn – is it okay to be proud to be an “intellectual”?

Is there a less loaded word that means someone like myself who likes educational YouTube videos, going to debates and lectures, science podcasts, reading non-fiction, Radio Four, etc?

Those preferences are only part of my personal makeup in the same way as being a proud Londoner, a proud geek and a proud Brit.

The question for me is whether people feel it’s okay speak of their pride for being the kind of person who enjoys “thinking pursuits” – or is that just seen as showing off?