Picking up from Emma’s blog post on the same topic. I felt that it easily deserved to be turned into a meme so here’s my 3.

I want to live long enough to:

  • Help build communities of people delivering public services at many scales from within individual delivery organisations up to global reach
  • Help enthuse and enable dramatically more people in the UK to engage with the ideation, creation and refinement of government legislation & policy and to work with the existing political establishment to get them on board with this
  • Help build and promote an online platform for people, especially young people, around the world to share the projects they are working on and find similarly enthused people to collaborate with

The first is part of my day job at GDS and is starting to gather serious momentum.

The second follows on from the great work done by the DDC and many other organisations around the world. Related to my previous blog post I hope to announce more about what I’m personally going to be doing soon.

The last is on my very long list of projects to create. I have a lot of ideas and minimal time and required technical skill. Ironically, the idea of the platform is to help facilitate find other people to help build projects like this one but I need to get this one done first :-).