I was honoured to be invited to Mr Speaker’s House at Parliament last night to an evening to meet with various people who had contributed to the Digital Democracy Commission Report.

2015-02-02 20.58.20

(Fairly terrible photo of me at Parliament).

It was an excellent opportunity to speak to people from various companies, NGOs and individuals who are passionate about this kind of potentially momentous change.

I put out my case for what I think Parliament should do following the publication of the Report in my previous post. The conversations I had last night lead me to conclusion that rather than sit back and adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude to see how many of the Report’s recommendations and my suggestions are implemented over the next year that instead I should get up off my comfy couch and see how I can contribute to making this happen.

As well as continuing to follow up on and blog about Digital Democracy I should:

  • Make an effort to see how many of my suggestions I can help facilitate
  • Encourage the DDC to create their own implementation wiki
  • Think about the value of producing a simple website that tracks progress against each of the Report’s (and my own) proposals
  • Start a YouTube channel in which I undertake brief interviews with people who are highly engaged in this area

I’m particularly motivated by the idea of the last of those which I thought of just today. I already have a list of people I would like to speak to (which I suspect is woefully short of many important people) and will be buying a video camera in the near future.

As was said both last night in Parliament and today at Sprint 15 – it’s just the beginning. Onwards! 🙂