I’ve decided to attempt to import all of my old Live Journal blog posts into WordPress. This is a questionable endeavour for a number of reasons. Firstly, it may just not work and explode random posts all over this pristine blog. Secondly, if the loading-in-in-date-order doesn’t work my latest posts on here may end up buried in 10 year old posts from elsewhere. Finally, the things I was writing about back then and the writing style are rather different to now. While there are some good posts about specific interesting topics, hence my desire to move things onto here, a lot of it is personal stuff – rather different to how I’ve been running this blog up to now.

But I think that all of that is secondary to the not indistinct possibility the LJ might just suddenly close shop one day given the way it’s going.

Well – here goes!

[Edit about 10 mins later.]

Well – that worked first time, was quick and entirely painless. Go Team WordPress!