So, as always happens, I went on holiday with the firm intention of writing some code, or some blog posts or… We, it doesn’t take a genius to work out how that ended up. Too much visiting cool things (Endeavour at California Science Centre!) and having a good time with friends that now live overseas.

So, now I’m back – let’s at least start with a list of things I’d like to get around to covering (probably not in this order).

  • My thoughts on an idea civil service contacts application
  • My own personal thoughts on a digital democracy platform (essentially group discussion and private representative-to-constituent communication) but still strongly advocating for a situation driven by user research (video)
  • Dealing with volume in digital democracy communities (example here)
  • The Digital Democracy consultation – Digital Scrutiny
  • The Open Government Awards (try to ignore the annoying website)
  • The upcoming Audit on Political Engagement
  • Opening Parliamentary data – policy and implementation (an associated website highlighting the issues)
  • Community engagement – strategies, platforms and the need for ongoing management
  • Work being done by the Parliament Digital team
  • Why do people become involved in 38 Degrees (Frustration with parties? Feeling excluded? Used to “Digital response times”? Ability to drive the conversation? Feeling of membership? Feeling of success?)
  • What books / video / articles should people interested in digital democracy read?

My position at GDS alas precludes me from publicly commenting on Labour’s Digital Government Review.

I’m honoured to have been asked by the team undertaking the Parliamentary Speaker’s Digital Democracy consultation to come in for a chat about my previous blog posts and ideas in this area. I’m hopeful that a couple of friends will come along too.

I’ve suggested the following topics but obviously we wouldn’t get through all of these in one sitting:

  • How this currently ongoing consultation will be managed – in particular with regard to sharing responses and fostering discussion
  • Discussing the concepts of service management and ongoing in-house professional user research to ensure continuously improving services for MPs, Lords, civil society groups, citizens and others
  • Community management – including a digital platform for managing this and potential engagement strategies for various parties
    • Whether this should aim to, in the long term, replace citizen campaign forums such as 38 Degrees
  • Responses to specific requests from the ongoing current consultation

I’m looking forward to the remaining calls for evidence regarding Representation, Engagement and Facilitating dialogue.