Last Thursday I had to admit that, two weeks after starting work for GDS, I no-longer liked my job. Instead I loved my job :-D.

GDS is described in Wikipedia as follows:

“The Government Digital Service is a unit of the UK Government‘s Cabinet Office tasked with transforming the provision of government digital services. It was formed in April 2011 to implement the ‘Digital by Default’ strategy proposed by a report produced for the Cabinet Office in 2010 called ‘Directgov 2010 and beyond: revolution not evolution’.”

However, you can get a much better picture of GDS by reading this BBC article (I have a meeting with Jordan tomorrow afternoon) or watching this video.

GDS is an amazing and inspiring place to work. As discussed in the pub after work on Friday it’s what happens when a bunch of highly talented, highly socially motivated folks are told “well, if you like complaining so much why not fix it” and instead of mumbling into their pints instead say “okay!”.

I’m just starting out but I’m making contacts and friends in all the teams and really looking forward to seeing how their planned work turns out. Of course nothing is ever finished – iterate, iterate, iterate!

I’m working in the Transformation team, working on transactional projects. However, I’ve got my eye on the concept of helping the technical architects team build some centralised reusable software components. Stay tuned for more info.

GDS’s best output is the excellent Service Manual which I encourage anyone with an interest in technology or the future of government to have read of.

You can keep up to speed with GDS with it’s twitter and blog streams. In the latter GDS’s boss, Mike Bracken. posts a regular video update discussing the previous week’s events.

As Tom Loosemore, Mike’s second-in-command, says in the Guardian video above – this is not how the UK civil service will be in the future, this is how the UK civil service is now. We are the new civil service.