More things I've tagged recently.

Encryption: In the US one prosecutor maintains that a woman must decrypt her data while she claims to not remember the password. The decision of what that means to be decided.  Meanwhile the Supreme Court says that a person cannot be forced to decrypt their HD if the police don't already have strong reasons to believe they know what is on it (no fishing for evidence)

ORG talks about the 'Do Not Track' initiative and most large tech companies sign up to it.

Francis Fukuyama (of 'The End of History' fame) builds his own surveillance drone.

Depressingly spending on CCTV in the UK continues to climb despite no evidence that it's remotely useful in gaining convictions or deterring crime and while the amount of money councils have to spend overall decreases.

Some potentially useful tools: Find out what data your apps are leaking. A Chrome extension of encrypting data on FaceBook (I find it much easier to just not use FB personally).

Lastly, Google asks (and gets) people to record everything they do online for a year for $25.