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Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you, They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back to me). Other people (including me) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

1) Frank Turner

I'm genuinely not sure who introduced me to Frank Turner but it was probably @tajasel. The stand-out musical find for me of 2010-2011. For someone who self-describes in verse as a "skinny half-asses English country singer" he has easily the most impactful songs I've heard in the last few years. I'm not the sort of person who has feelings that tend to run to the passionate end of the spectrum but his music finds things in me that I didn't know were there.

Life is about love, last minutes and lost evenings,
About fire in our bellies and furtive little feelings,
And the aching amplitudes that set our needles all a-flickering,
And help us with remembering that the only thing that's left to do is live…

2) (board) gaming

Just boardgaming? No roleplaying? No live roleplaying? Oh well… 🙂

I didn't really play a lot of boardgames as a child. My family weren't really into it (compared, for example, to 's). I played a lot of cards and mah jong at university (mostly roleplayed) but it was only really after leaving that I started to really get into cool games – mostly through Annie and Simon H. (he of the no LJ/FB/Twitter). Although I'm banned from playing Puerto Rico (as about half-way through I'm always thinking I'm going to lose and whinge incessantly) I still love playing tons of great games including Dominion (although it's actually a card game I think it still counts), Stone Age, Ticket to Ride, Funny Friends, Power Grid, etc, etc. Not to mention the tons of funny 15-minute type games of which we now have an entire large bag-full and have barely scratched the surface of the number out there. We play a lot of games when visiting Annie's parents and have got them addicted to quite a few of our favourites. We also go to at least one games convention a year (Manorcon) and often more than one. Through that we've met loads of great people – several of which are coming on holiday with us next year!

3) hats

I've always liked hats but got my first cool one when bought it for my birthday after my repeated comments about the really cool ones worn by some jewish folks in Golders Green (although they are different to the one I got (a trilby)). Sadly that one, while surviving all manner of horrible things, eventually went to high-winds-and-tube-train early death and was replaced by a similar one that I still have today. I still wear it every winter along with the 14 year old leather trenchcoat. Of course, one hat is never enough for a well groomed man (*cough*) so I also have the highly-thermal woolly hat (tested in northern Finland), the terrorist balaclava (complete with the word "Evil" stitched across the front, the bowler, the top-hat, the Russian furry hat, the Chinese hat, the peaked cap, the straw hat… I've probably missed a few…

4) Brie

Ah, cheese… I've long had a very unhealthy cheese obsession. Many people have given me excellent cheese related presents over the years. Brie is nice and I've eaten my fair share of it in my time but it's not one of my very top favourites which are probably grilled halloumi (of which I had a little today) or a really strong stilton.

Alas, these days I eat comparatively little cheese as I'm trying to reduce the amount of fat in my diet. Mostly I have reduced-fat flat cheese in my sandwiches, which is okay. One nice side-effect though is that when I do have some proper cheese it's like a micro-orgasm in my mouth :-D.

5) spinning around in circles *g*

Well, I've seen Sufi Whirling when on holiday sailing in the Mediterranean many years ago…

But what Ms Cat is referring to is going along to the Haywards Heath Ceilidh a few weeks ago. In a number of the dances one of the steps is (or can be) to clasp hands (crossed wrist style) with your current partner and then spin around. Now, the key to this is to make sure that you rotate on the spot while your partner spins around you at breakneck velocity! Unfortunately (for me) Emma was wise to this trick and easily gave as good as she got ensuring we wheeled around a common centre of gravity and both got very dizzy! Although how she did 90% of the evening in bare feet I do not know… 🙂