A huge pile of these building up in my RSS stared list. Rather than dump them all into Twitter at once I'll put them in here – for one entry for other people to see.

Let's start with Carrier IQ : One, two, three, four

Oddly, Texas can teach the UK a thing or two on criminal justice (Texas discovers it's much cheaper to help prisoners with issues rather than letting them keep repeat offending).

Ex-head of MI5 calls on government to decriminalise and regulate cannabis

Holding the coalition to account for the DNA database

More CCTV for London does not make us safer

London cops recording movements & association with mobile tracking device: "blanket & indiscriminate"

Welsh nightclubs to fingerprint customers

Local authority dataloss

Who is selling and using internet monitoring software

Latest Wikileaks dump focuses on by-country monitoring of citizens

Global Choke-points (tracking online blocking), also see Herdict