The lovely (and suddenly highly LJ-prolific) said:

> In ENTIRELY different news, I have decided that when I grow up, I'm going to win the lottery and then spend all my time travelling around
> the globe for the express purposes of going to gigs and festivals and being a sorta hobo music fangirl. (you can't see it, but this life choice's
> label text is purple)

Which after this excellent weekend at Shrewsbury folk festival I am coming round to seeing the wisdom of :-).

Let's see, over the weekend I went to 3 ceilidhs in one day (but was only physically capable of dancing at two), saw many excellent bands I'd seen before (Bellowhead, Show of Hands, Oysterband) and several new ones (Lucy Ward, Blackbeards Tea Party, Wilson Brothers, Spiers and Boden (twice!), Gerry O'Connor and the Cecil Sharp Project) and got to spend lots of time with extremely lovely people.

What's not to like? ๐Ÿ˜€