Overheard someone coming out of the show say "well, what am I going to do for the next 10 years…?"…

I’m nothing like that into HP but I have enjoyed both the books and films a lot and look forward to revisiting them both in the future. This film served as a great wrap-up to the series and it’s obvious how good many of the actors have become. It was great to see so many cameos from the huge dramatis personae (but no Grawp) but the, coupled with the main focus on Harry and Voldemort mean that some people did go underused (Hermione and Ron in particular). 

The film did vary from the books in some small ways – I could have done without the Neville / Luna paring as even though I really like both the characters it was nice that not every fan paring was taken to heart by JKR. Also, I must have missed the bit where the story was told of how Dumbledore might have killed his own sister (perhaps that was in part i and I forgot).

Also, like anything of this complexity it did have a few flaws such as how did no muggle see a bloody great dragon on a rooftop and how did Luna get back from Shell Cottage to Hogwarts?

All that said from a terribly slow start (reminiscent of the whole of the last film) it did really pick up and was very good by the end. The Battle of Hogwarts was less showy than I expected and relatively short which was nice, Snape’s ‘reveal’ was extremely moving (although I don’t really understand why he stayed under cover after he killed Dumbledor) and Daniel Radcliffe did some stand-out acting.

What I didn’t expect though was the only thing in the film that made me cry was a 10 second shot of, of all people, Argus Filch…