This is excellent news – in the week that NotW goes under (yes, I know of the likely replacement) the Huffington Post opens a UK edition and they have very interesting ideas on the evolution of journalism.

Quote (my highlighting):

"We are arriving here in the midst of a rich and thriving media culture marked by great innovation. The Guardian’s decision to further its commitment to ‘open journalism’ is particularly exciting, as is the masterful use of storytelling to shine a light on important issues, as demonstrated by the Independent’s recent piece on the UK’s ‘threatened, isolated, under siege’ modern working class.

We look forward to spotlighting and linking to such great stories, driving traffic to them, and fueling conversations around the issues they raise.

The explosive growth of online social networking has fundamentally changed how we consume media. News and entertainment are no longer something we passively take in. We now engage with news, stories, videos, and slideshows — we react to them, add to them, talk back to them, and share them. In short, content has become social — and, on HuffPost, our sections have become digital water coolers.

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