This is the first of two posts the follow on from discussions I had with smart people while on holiday. They are designed to start discussion in the comments so please do join in.

This one started with an In Our Time on Free Will. This lead to coversations with  about Compatibilism which is defined as "the belief that free will and determinism are compatible ideas, and that it is possible to believe both without being logically inconsistent" – i.e. avoiding the Dilemma of Determinism.

The was further stated by  as the premise that "God knowing in advance the outcome of any decision you make does not remove your free choice in making that decision".

Now, despite having discussed the idea with a small number of people over the years that last quote still seems like logical nonsense to me but I’d be happy to listen to anyone who fancies having another go. Bonus points for helping me to understand any of the Compatibilism arguments…

For folks interested in this kind of thing there’s interesting work afoot in neuroscience which I think will lead to Big Things within our lifetimes.