Army of Ghosts : Contains one of my favourite all-time lines in anything when Jackie says "You’re always doing this, reducing things to science. Why can’t it be real?"

Doomsday : Pleasantly surprised how much the music really makes this episode. Monster stand-off is kinda silly but amusing all the same. Lots of daleks seen sucked through the portal but no cybermen… Plenty of pathos at the end and the picture of the Dr alone again (as he always is fundamentally) is a little spoilt for it only lasting a few seconds…

Runaway bride : Like so much of seasons 1 I don’t care if annoying character is part of some big improvement arc – that doesn’t stop them being annoying… That said there are one or two moments of Donna’s front cracking when being shown the larger universe that do show good things to come… Shame the monster is kinda naff again… Amused to think that the Daleks would have found the Racknoss if they has managed to tunnel all the way down in the film, shame that couldn’t have referenced that somehow although I have no idea if that’s in-cannon… Nice when Donna said she didn’t want to go with the Dr – always impressed somehow by people who do that since the default answer to me is ‘yes’… Amused that the hole the Racknoss dug was about 10^11 cubic meters whereas the Atlantic is about 10^9 cubic meters so it’s no wonder the Thames was empty 😀