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The great Census Meme that’s going around, in which you write a bit about what you were up to at each point in your life when a census has been held.

Right now, I’m living in Enfield, North London. I’ve lived here in this flat for a scratch over 10 years (has it really been that long). I live with   (who I’m presuming you all know already)  :-). I’ve worked for Nokia for a couple of years after my old company (Symbian) got taken over. Like most people I’m waiting to hear when I’ll get made redundant (around the end of the year maybe, possibly longer). I find up my spare time with Annie, doing lots of stuff (lectures, theatre, etc) as well as the usual quiz and RPGing. I’ve recently started going to HackSpace which is really cool.

On the evening of the 27th itself, I will be playing Pendragon at K&M’s and then coming back to sleep here.

2001 to 2011, a summary
Partners: 3 (Amanda, Jan, Annie)
Places lived: Just here, amazingly
Jobs: 4: Nortel Networks, Probation Service (bletch), Symbian and Nokia. I got the Symbian job thanks to   to whom I’m still thankful
New modes of transport adopted: None that I can think of…
Degrees: 3rd in Comp. Sci. from Aston in Birmingham
Number of times I won the internet: Shhh, it’s all part of the plan…
Email addresses: One since something like 1996 – domain registration is great 🙂
O-Levels (yes, I am that old) : 1 (maths)
AO-Levels (things no-one has ever heard of) : 1 (maths)

GCSEs: 9 (English, English, Drama, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and comp sci (which was actually the hardest to remember)
Sixth form: 3 A-Levels (maths, comp sci, physics) and 1 AS-Level (electronics)

April 2001
Just moved into this place 2 months previously and overjoyed at no longer having to commute drive two hours each way to work from Colchester every day). Going out with Amanda.

1991-2001, a summary
Partners: 3, by some counts (Ellen, Venetia, Marci)
Places lived: 8 – Campus (Lawrence 8), 4th Ave, 3rd Ave, Wembley 1, Wembly 2, campus (Lawrence 17), Southbury Road, Gladbeck way
New modes of transport : driving, boating
Email addresses: Uni one (, current (see above)

April 1991
Mid way through first year at uni. Still in the being-stress-and-trying-to-work-hard phase before I gave up engineering for being too hard. Learning to enjoy various uni clubs and being introduced to nightclubs. Making lots of new friends.

1981-1991, a summary
Partners:  0
Places lived: 1 – Parents
New modes of transport:  Trains, busses (on my own)
Email addresses : ddurant@sixthform!harwell!janet!ac!uk (ah, who remembers UUCP and bang-paths?)

April 1981
I was 9 – it wasn’t until the summer that my dad bought me the ZX81 that changed my life so I was probably spending my time watching TV, reading and bossing around my friends (most of which were older than me)

1972-1981, a summary
Places lived :  1 – Parents
New modes of transport:  Crawling, walking, cycling

I was born around 4pm on Jan 25th 1972 at Churchill Hospital in Oxford (now demolished). I  spend my formative years in Wantage (Oxon) where nothing particularly special happened. I  practically worshipped my sister until she left home when I was 11. My dad and I spent a lot of time discussion (science and technology)  and arguing (about politics)  and my parents seemed to spend all their waking hours arguing with each other (or at least that’s how I remember it).