1. Why did Herrick let Mitchell out of the cage? Having the stake supposedly on George wouldn’t mean a damn thing to him. Why didn’t he demand Mitchell kill George?
  2. If Mitchell never intended to go with Herrick why didn’t he just let the other werewolf kill him?
  3. If only one policeman was killed at the station what about all the others that knew that Mitchell didn’t show up on cameras?

I’ve been trying to put together the story the Old Ones must be spinning. Mitchell and the guy arrested do the killing together. Mitchell is arrested, the other guy goes to the house and kills the police there and stabs Nena. He then goes to the police station, kills the guy there and frees Mitchell. He’s then found (and shot from the sounds on the radio). Mitchell still at large (until now ‘vanished’). Does that sound about right?

Even with Mitchell gone it makes little sense for Nina and George to go back to live in the place she was almost killed since, if nothing else, the place would be surrounded by press as they were living with one of the Box Twenty killers for months.

Lastly – with Mitchell gone it makes no sense for the Old One to let the others go free. If he truly wants to see what Nina is carrying he can just lock them in cages for the next few weeks…

Anyway – some genuinely amazing acting in this one, albeit the George / Mitchell seen at the end going on just a touch too long. Easy enough to bring Mitchell back in a new season and they can potentially add the spin that he comes back without the vampire taint and then is he still responsible for all the things that he previously did…?