These two long music tracks are a mixture of surprise and awesome-in-a-can :-). A few seconds, just enough to be recognisable, of every UK #1 hit since the chart started to the early 90s. 

The first thing that surprised me was how many 80s/90s tracks I had assumed were original turn out to be 60s covers. Including, but not limited to,:Green Door (covered by Shakin’ Stevens), 96 tears (covered by The Stranglers), Keep me Hanging On (covered by Kim Wilde), Dizzy (covered by Vic Reeves), Nah Nah Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (covered by Bananarama), Venus (Bananarama again), Big Bad Leroy Brown (covered by Queen), Cat’s in the Cradle (covered by Ugly Kid Joe). Plus many, many more…

The next thing was that I could sing along to at least 95% of the tracks starting from the early 60s but it petered out at the end of the 80s. The end makes sense as that was when I stopped listening to chart music (although it if had carried on a bit more to Brit Pop I might have known some more). However, it’s the staying power of the 60s music, which has become so well known via repeat playing, that they’re actually more widely know than songs released over 20 years later.

But there were still more surprises to come. The Jackson were contemporaneous with The Beatles? Blonde had at least 4 number one hits? The same for Huey Lewis and the News? Who knew (apart from Kat obviously) :-).

Anyway – very much worth taking the time to have a listen down memory lane – , I suggest you should this to Donna in case she’s missed it.