I reckon that I’ve been to nearly 20 Spectator debates and this was pretty much the best one so far. They covered both sides of the ‘assisted death’ debate extremely well and, for a change, all six speakers were both excellent public speakers and had extremely strong and valid points. Extra credit must go to the lady with MS who spoke extremely well for 10 mins without the aid of notes as her condition has left her unable to read.

What was even more interesting was the vote tally. The motion was "Assisted suicide should be legalised" and the pre-debate count was 408 for, 110 against, 119 don’t know. Afterwards is was 406 for, 208 against, 34 don’t know. So, it’s hard to tell of course but it could be viewed that almost all the don’t knows went to the against side (in reality I suspect a split and some moving from for to against as they had a strong argument).

If you have 90 mins free at any point I strongly encourage you to watch it.