Okay, I think I’m done. I’ve had my fill of "magic realism" TV which long term "mystery" plots.

The ending of Lost, from one point of view, wasn’t bad. The commitment to fan-service was exceptional with numerous great moments of people pairing off with those they “should” be with. I can even overlook the disgust that alobear has with the “Christian Shepard” ending.

However the fact that there are dozens of unanswered questions and that the whole of the “flash-sideways” / purgatory world just doesn’t make any sense puts the final nail in the coffin.

There have been one too many “mystery” shows (Firefly, BSG, Dollhouse, Heroes, Lost) where either the show gets canceled before things are revealed or it turns out that the writers really have a plan from the start and the conclusion ends up being “God did it”.

From now on I think it’s mystery-of-the-episode shows, soaps and comedies for me…