Even better on a second viewing as when you know the Dream Lord is him everything he says is that much more cutting ("I’ve seen your dreams", "Intergalactic wag", "I know where your heart lies", "That’s good because he never will", "So, what’s his name?", "Is that the right name for the people you acquire?". You have to wonder whether "Then what is the point of you?" comes from him or her.

It’s doubly tragic in a way. Is it the case that his subconscious (as the most powerful psychic influence there) has generated the whole thing to force Amy into choosing and then she chooses Rory? Yet, even though she allegedly chooses her finance she barely lets him touch her – the idea that they could have conceived a child is just bizarre.

Oh, and "Sofas can read" – is that a HHGttG reference…?