I hardly post at all here these days as I mostly used to put up links of things I thought people would find interesting or that I wanted to be able to find in the future. These days I have a link that goes directly from Google Reader to Twitter that does that for me.

That said I thought I would put in my 2-penneth about the election. It’s good to see the Lim Dems gaining ground even if there is still the attitude of "I would like Nick Clegg for PM and Vince Cable for Chancellor but I’d never vote Lim Deb as they can’t win". According to the BBC prospects are good for a hung parliament which will be interesting all round.

Really though I just can get motivated about UK election as, opposed to the US, there is very little difference between the parties on most crucial matters and, not to put too fine a point of it, none of them are barking insane.

What saddens me the most this time around though is the whole concept of parliamentary wash up. Not just the rushing through of the horrible Digital Economy Bill but 14 other hugely important pieces of law the Labour Party tried to push through in a matter of days with almost no debate. The fact the the other parties didn’t walk out in disgust sickens me.

This is a list of bills that were voted on:

  • The bribery bill
  • The Northern Ireland Assembly members bill
  • The debt relief (developing countries) bill
  • The consolidated fund (appropriation) bill
  • The finance bill
  • The digital economy bill
  • An amendment to the Misuse of Drugs Act
  • The sustainable communities bill
  • The crime and security bill,
  • The constitutional reform and governance bill
  • The children, schools and families bill
  • The energy bill
  • The financial services bill
  • The flood and water management bil