Just in case anyone who cares hasn’t seen it yet (very unlikely) 🙂

  • New Doctor already very Doctor-ish – I like him a great deal. Not up to Tennant (yet) as not sure he has the pathos chops but right up there for everything else
  • Writing and directing pathos right up there though when Amelia is left behind sitting on her suitcase…
  • Really not sure about the new music (or the new look of the void or his clothes) but suspect they will grow on me
  • Second ginger under achiever – really? Seems nice, cute and spunky but obviously not overly keen on hubbie-to-be…
  • Okay, I really like the accent but so far she reminds me far too much of Donna…
  • I really liked the little girl (I suspect more than the adult actually) – hope to see the actress in more things
  • Interesting how she prays to Santa rather than anything else… Not saying a word…
  • Doctor effectively sent her mad (or possibly alien in house I suppose 🙂 ) – so seems only fair he does something to make up for it 😉
  • Five gets you ten we see Amy’s parents before the end of the series
  • Not a fan of the "I saw…" zipping around there – hope we don’t get that a lot
  • Quorum of astronomers rather than UNIT? Interesting…
  • Just hands over FTL and a joke – priceless – to be immediately forgotten in cannon
  • What does Jeff do convince everyone? Will it be a big deal later on?
  • What is it with this show and weddings?
  • Cool arc-plot introduction 🙂
  • I loved the way the TARDIS rebuilt itself like the living thing it is
  • Is that Ice Warriors in the closing montage? 😀