I’m doing a bit of volunteering for Democracy Club. The particular task I’m doing at the moment consists of going through "local" issues that people have sent in on the website so that they can be turned into questions that can be put to all the parliamentary candidates in the area. At the moment I’m getting about a 20% acceptable rate between people who can’t tell local from national issues ("Improve the NHS"), people who have hyper-specific problems ("Get rid of annoying ASBO kids who hang around our street corner") and the one below. Plus the ones that technically I should (and do) approve even if… ("All speed restriction humps and other methods should be removed especially near schools").

Still – it’s this that’s got me at the moment – ladies and gentlemen democracy in action…

"I love how is Sutton you can wait at a bus stop, people queue and very orderly. Rest of London has lost that and it annoys me when someone pushes in. Should we not teach immigrants how to use buses?"