I was disappointed in last night’s conclusion to series two. Partly it was because they quickly blew the big build in dramatic tension at the end of the previous session. Partly it was because Kemp, who had been leaning towards being a sympathetic character, suddenly turned into sadistic killer. Partly it was the off-hand way they forced Annie through the door (although I do like the idea of a Kafkaesque afterlife and the plan to invade the afterlife to rescue her next season). Partly it was the pointless and rather naff return of Herick…


What it’s really about is George and Nina’s attitude to Mitchell. Imagine if instead of being vampire Mitchell is mentally ill. Here is a guy who has butchered a couple of dozen innocent people and could flip out and do the same at any moment. Instead of being morally revolted by this and trying to do something to stop him they are treating him like it’s just a problem he has and as long as he tried to be good it’s okay.

It’s not okay.