It takes exceptional writing to take the shoe-in series villain (Kemp) and turn him into one of my favourite characters (beaten only by Nena and Annie). It turns out that his views of each type of non-human, regardless of how he came by them, turn out to be the most practically accurate of anyone.

Nene’s virtually an NPC so doesn’t really count but the second real surprise for me is how much my opinion of Annie has turned around in season 2. In season one I mostly found her really annoying but now she’s my favourite character and really the only one who has embraced her condition, managed to stay remotely human, and is moving onward.

George has always been mean to go along with stupid and as for Mitchell…

Mitchell, Mitchell… Excellent writing in how he has changed from season one. The one thing I picked up when he was trying to make all the vampires blood-free was that he never expressed regret for all the innocent people he killed. That coupled with the fact that he constantly looked for other people to “save” him meant in the long run he was always going to end up here.

I’m told they’ve commissioned a season three but based in another city. I can’t see how they’re going to carry over any characters since I’ve been sure for ages now that Nena is going to die (too sweet to live), George will be devastated, Mitchell is beyond irredeemable and will probably sacrifice himself to save the others and Annie… I only hope Annie really can move on so there is any up side to the season finale.

Although what stays with me tonight is Mitchell saying “stay out of the cities”. There’s enough of them left in hiding throughout the world that if they all converted one person and that person in turn converted one person… If they declared open war… By the time humanity knew what they were fighting it would be half over…