Maybe it’s just me. Daybreakers is exactlyI the sort of film I used to love when I was about 19. Excellent very well thought through premise, okay script, good acting and gory as hell. Now I almost walked out of the cinema on numerous occasions during the evening, was the first out the door at the end, and really do think it was the most annoying and possibly worst film I’ve seen in the last few years.

What annoys me most about Daybreakers is that it is a movie which excellent potential. The idea of a world where 99% people have become vampires and what happens when, inevitably, the blood runs out is an excellent premise. The problem really was the level of gore.

I genuinely don’t know what I’m supposed to think about the on-screen violence. Is it supposed to be realistic (if so I would have been physically ill)? Is it supposed to be shocking (it wasn’t – too telegraphed)? Is it supposed to be funny? Or is it just supposed to be another part of the artistic flow that is just another chain in the story?

Compare it to another Sam Neil film – Event Horizon. Also a horror film this is excellently stylistically shot and while it has two or three moments of slight gore they occur in a way that makes you hold your breath and chills you to the core – rather than feel like you’re going to be ill.

Any-which-way Daybreakers is only 15. You can tell this by the limited usage of the word "fuck" (3 times in the whole film by my account) and the lack of even the hint of any physical attraction between any of the characters at any point. If this is a 15 I’d hate to see what an 18-for-violence is.

  can carry out the rest of her experiment of violent movies on her own.