Oh well, here I was having seen the negative reviews of this all ready to sit down and lay into how much this show still has my unending ire after the last episode. Unfortunately (depending on your point of view) I actually thought The Plan was really rather good. It reminded me in many ways of the show at its height and was mercifully Roslin, Starbuck and Apollo light which helped a great deal. More than anything it showed how rubbish the cylons are. Everything from their original reason for attacking, their lack of post-attack preparedness, their inability to carry out simple missions right up to their being "turned" by associating with humans. Well portrayed I thought. It would have been interesting to see what Cavlin, very well played here in multiple versions, would have thought of the later Cylon occupation of New Caprica, the Cylon infection and the Temple of Five but I guess we will never know.

Quality episode of television. Doesn’t stop me hating the last episode of the series with the fire of a thousand suns but a pleasantly diverting couple of hours :-).