I’m off to a lecture tonight on The World in 2050.

I’m going to have a go at listing what I would talk about and see how many of them come up…

  • "AI" still doesn’t work (but we’re getting closer via simulating large parts of the human cortex)
  • Home fabricating of products
  • Mass reduction in copyright and drug laws
  • Wars fought over resource issues (especially access to water) but fought using terrorist tactics – almost complete end of "state warfare"
  • Both India and China are more influential on the world stage then America or the European Union
  • Therapeutic cloning (limb and organ replacement)
  • Neural integration with prosthetics and other devices (such as "phones").
  • Most computing power processed remotely
  • Humanoid robots almost indistinguishable from people but only able to perform extremely simple tasks
  • Climate changes noticeable by everyone
  • Beginning of the end of the nation state as people identify more strongly with their online communities than their neighbours (see "Diamond Age")

That’s just a 5 minute go – let’s see what turns up… 🙂