In a thread about kids texting instead of talking but not actually about that…


"In the 1950s, recent history was what has happened in the last hundred years. Nowadays, thanks to what could be terms a cultural compression — recent history is what has happened in the last decade. The older generation(s) like to point to this and say we’ve gotten dumber… The truth is we’ve just changed our scope. What happened in the 1950s doesn’t have much (if any) relevance to our day to day lives now… What happened even ten years ago now has only limited importance.

Don’t judge people based on their memory or caring for esoteric issues that might have affected life in the "distant" past (for people my age, that’s anything more than about 30 years ago) — they know just as many fungible facts as their older counterparts, it’s just about a smaller period of time."

Followed by (my highlighting):

"’Compressing your timeframe’ means that there is a lot more of history that you are doomed to repeat. It’s happening right now. We have a war on drugs, 23% of national income going to the top 1% of earners, we’ve got tons of folks clamoring for a New Deal and public works, we’ve seen massive corporatization (media & Internet), we’re even having our version of the Red Scare, the list goes on. So yes time is compressed. We’re repeating much of 1920-1950 and with new technology we’re doing it in a fraction of the time for 100x more people. But you sound like you probably have no idea what I’m talking about? There’s a George Orwell quote that would go nicely here."