One of my LJ friends  serendipitously just wrote a post on something I’ve had tagged to mention for a while.

The BBFC has denied a certificate to a Japanese film that is so horrific they don’t believe that is should be seen by anyone. Now, while the film does sound truly nauseating the question is – at what point do liberal folks like myself and Matt consider that it should be stopped?

As well as the "public hazard" speech Matt refers to there is also a well understood sub-set of speech that is banned. That which is said to be "obscene". This is often defined by local community standards (guess what NYC and Ohio are quite different) and center around speech which is "harmful". Originally to "weak" people (women and children) but increasingly to everyone.

Obviously even someone like me is in favor of keeping this film away from highly impressionable people but who can define who they are these days? Most kids probably have a stronger stomach for this kind of thing than I do.

Well, I guess if this was easy people wouldn’t still be fighting about it…