I was only watching Clay Shirky’s presentation about mass communications at TED@State yesterday and now in Iran we have exactly what he was talking about coming true.

I’m mesmerised by the twitter feed for #iranelection which is putting through at least 10 tweets a second constantly and apparently hit 211K tweets per hour earlier.

The are protests kicking off worldwide as we speak – several in US cities and I walked past a 300 person very vocal one outside the embassy in London on the way to a debate this evening.

Comics are coming out almost as fast as news.

I’d still say that there is a more than even chance that this will end up as a Tiananmen Square rather than a Berlin Wall but look how far China has come since then towards cultural and economic ties with the West (if not actually political change at home).

The protests in Iran are huge and, according to CNN, still getting bigger.

It’s going to end ugly but will still have been a world-shaping phenomenon.