Being as up to date as ever I only found out tonight that the pilot for Caprica has been out for over a month – even though the show isn’t due out till early next year.

It really irritates the crap out of me that the show is so good in terms of acting, design and everything else that makes up a show with high gravitas and pure quality and yet has do many things that already wind me up.

Just to list a quick few:

  • 55 years before BG they have jump tech (otherwise they wouldn’t be able to travel between planets) but there are no BG type (possibly gravity based) aircraft in the skys.
  • Where did the holo-bands go in the next 55 years – such an amazing piece of tech wouldn’t go away even if it became contraband people would still use it.
  • The idea that you can use a data mining technique to produce an avatar of someone is interesting but unless they recorded most of their life it would barely get beyond a shell.
  • For Zoe to be that alive and have all those detailed memories there’s going to have to be some mystic-link – as can already been seen from the religious iconography surrounding her creation.
  • I hate the crudity of make the monothesists the bad guys.
  • I hate the ridiculous idea of location based culture – not that people, in a racist way, think all Taurons are the same but the way that they were all protrayed the same – as Italian Americans.
  • I was really disapointed in the early and often approach to sex and violend (bare breasts in the first 60 seconds) to make a point so that if they wish to do that later on they can say that it is in-keeping. I particularly disliked the conflating of the later sex scene and the murder of the minister. It may have been making some kind of artistic point but I found it very off putting.
  • If Zoe’s avatar can run on an existing system why do they need another kind of chip to run in the robot body – why not just cable it up to the mainframe (at least for now).
  • If there was only one chip and it’s in "Zoe" then how is the other Cylon working?
  • Wouldn’t any sane person want to keep "Zoe" in the artificial environment where she looks and feels like she was rather than turn her into some kind of robot freak show?
  • "300Mb of data" is an off-repeated preposterous statement. The human brain has been estimated at roughly 500Tb! Two seconds of Google to find that out ( Do the writers think people won’t look this up? it just makes them look stupid.
  • I know having William Adama in there makes a link to the other show but it feels forced…

*sigh* – All that said and I’m still likely to watch the show. Partly because it is so well put together but also because seeing how "Zoe" ferments Cylon rebellion and causes the war (which seems likely) is going to be interesting. If the Cylons were monothesits even before the Final Five arrived that would help explain how they teamed up. However, since the average robot Cylon in BG didn’t seem capable of holding the simplest conversation it remains to be seen how "Zoe" will appeal to them.

Don’t even get me started on how the whole thing is pointless since almost everything and everyone will be vapourised in 55 years and then very shortly after that everyone left just effectively throws their entire culture away… Hopefully the show will be interesting enough on its own for me to forget that – if only they can get a handle on the annoying bits and don’t start doing random mystical shit and saying "Oooo – sometimes things just don’t have explanations" – *barf*.