At the Convention on Modern Liberty I went to a talk run by the folks at No2ID. This pressure group started off protesting about proposed ID cards but now spends more time discussing the "database state".

One of the things I picked up was the No2ID pledge.

This says:

I, <full name of pledger> made the following pledge on <date in words>, <year> as witnessed by <full name of witness>:
I solemnly and publicly promise that:

• I shall not register for a national identity card
• I shall not supply personal details or fingerprints to a National Identity Register
• I shall not apply for any document or service if joining the National Identity Register is a condition of obtaining it
• I shall not co-operate with any Identity and Passport Service interview concerning my identity

I also promise by my example to encourage others to do the same.

Signed, <signature of pledger>

This has been sitting on a table at home, unsigned, since I got back. While I’m deeply concerned at the attacks on liberty that have happened or are proposed by the UK government I’m finding it hard to sign this for a number of reasons. Firstly to sign this and then back down and accept an ID card later would be maximal hypocrisy so signing it is binding and if ID cards were ever to become mandatory it would imply my breaking the law. Secondly I can see both sides of the centralisation of information by the state – although I agree that it’s heavily leaning towards the "not working" / "not worth it" side at the moment.

So, I decided that I would only sign it if I could find / pursuade five people I know who have already signed one or would be willing to. If I could persuade people to sign one then my arguments must be making sense.

So, to start with, has anyone reading this already signed one – or would like to hear more about it…?