My original plan was to just say that I didn’t want to talk about it and leave it at that. However, having… Well, not calmed down because I was never angry but… Let’s say just having taken a little time to consider I may as well put down my point of view as anyone else.

I hope that there are two things that everyone who watches the Battlestar Galactica finale can agree on. Firstly it was a truly inspired moment when they made Lampkin President. Secondly the final episode appeared to have be written by two staggeringly different writers who cut over from one to the other at one exact point – when the data transfer was cut off.

Unfortunately what many other fans of the show will not be able to agree with me on is the outcome of the related discussion I had with corone earlier this week. No, sorry, even if the four seasons up to now have been made up of mostly outstanding episodes with brilliant acting, writing and direction I won’t be able to go back and re-watch them. Worse than that I don’t feel I can introduce the show to anyone new as the final episode will always be there – waiting…

I’m very happy for Andy as the last episode has almost everything I believe he likes in a grand TV climax and almost everything I hate.

To pick out a few items I personally could not stomach though I would have to mention… Tyrol all-but throws away the future of two races over the death of someone he was estranged from anyway and later no-one directs any blame at him… The destruction of the “Cavil” Cylons occurs by sheer luck… Cavil shoots himself for no reason… The “Caprica” Cylons suddenly being happy to just die (not a single one seen on Earth after the landings)… Letting the Centurians go with “I’m sure it will all be fine”… Caprica going off with Baltar into the sunset when they (especially her) are responsible fo the original human genocide… No pretence of any explanation of the supernatural occurrences (even having God turn up would have been better)… The Segue out of fiction into bullshit real-world moralising at the end made me feel sick…


Even some of those I could have got past.

Partly it was the interminable character follow-ups. Yes, I want to know what happens to the characters I like after the show ends – but I don’t want to know that they effectively go off and sit on a rock on their own for the next 40 years (or just randomly bloody disappear).

But that wasn’t really it.

What really sank it for me was the “technology bad, God good” ending. It’s all very well showing a happy smiling Hera towards the end but 20 years on she would be wearing rabbit skins and dying in childbirth. No medicine, no culture, no history (since anything not passed on by word of mouth is lost)… It makes the whole effort from the beginning completely pointless. All that is left of the people from the “Caprica” Cylons and the 12 Colonies is their DNA and since humans exist on New Earth anyway that means they bring effectively nothing. They consciously turn their backs of everything they fought for in order to attain some kind of “new pure life” – not to mention condemning their descendants to lifestyles little better than that of cavemen.

The second half of the final episode (or the final 3rd depending on how you look at it) just felt like tired tired writing. It reminded me, again from a conversation I had earlier today with Andy, of no more than the X-Files where they plot was never mapped out at the start (the BG writers happily admitting that the decided who the Final Five were only just before they were revealed) and all the dangling loose ends are just “sometimes things happen you can’t explain” (which I know Andy loves).


Has there been a single multi-series SF show they that has come to a satisfying solid ending since ST:TNG – rather than a pants one like DS9, Voyager, PQL, Stargate, B5…