I used to dump a whole load of links into my LJ that most people (you-know-who-you-are aside) never read. These days I know put those in my Google Reader feed (which, to my knowledge, no-one at all reads – ah, so much for technology).

There are a few things that are still worth an LJ post but, this time, I think they are worth a post each.

This one is about an article in the Guardian by Charlie Brooker previously posted up by Andy. Charlie is sick of politicians – which is hardly unique or even all that new. He talks about the "Summer of Rage" oft quoted from the original ridiculous statement from Jack Straw (the same Jack Straw who has already written two articles decrying the Convention on Modern Liberty).

Personally I wish that Mr Brooker was right and there will be some kind of middle class uprising but, like all the follow-ups to the convention I suspect it’s sadly just more voices in the wind…