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"You know what’s gonna remove blue laws? Successive generations.

The politicians of today are fighting against two things they can not possibly win against: time, and Big Bird.

Yes, Big Bird.

Most of us here – regardless of country – grew up watching Sesame Street and other children’s programs. You know, the stuff that taught us about sharing and respecting others? This is why I believe in 20 years or less gay marriage will not only be the norm nationwide, but it will be common. Big Bird told us not to judge people based on their beliefs, appearance, etc. and by the furry grace of Elmo we listened.

The second enemy – time. People are traveling around the world more and more. Information is spreading and its getting nigh-impossible for the government to control it. I’d say most teenagers think weed being illegal is bullshit. They just tune out the ‘anti-drug’ crap and other lies as if it were their English teacher in high school.

These kids are going to go to high school with other kids who won’t have to live in fear of being openly gay, or Atheist, or Muslim, or do or believe whatever they want that doesn’t infringe on the rights of others. And one day, these kids will be able to vote. The idiotic laws will be repealed to some degree. It’s just a matter of time."