I stayed up all night to watch the election and I have to admit that I too got a bit teary eyed during his speech – although I suspect that was just top quality rhetoric.

I’m with everyone else that of course this is a very good thing. That said having built up this much promise (a-la Tony Blair) the question is how long before his first pragmatic decision that disappoints those that voted for him. Anyway – that said I looking forward very much to seeing where this goes – especially his previous statements about meeting with the leaders of Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc as soon as he gets into office (why not throw in Cuba while you’re there) and the intention to close Gitmo ASAP.

I’ve spent part of today (when I wasn’t sleeping – I took the day off to recover from the all-nighter) looking at all my usual left-leaning internet haunts so I thought for a bit of balance I’d see what the high profile conservatives have to say about it.

Bill O’Reilly has a link to a pretty good 3rd party article on the difficulties Obama will have to face when he gets into office. Even his own writings on the subject seem pretty balanced (to my surprise).

Rush Limbaugh has an advert for a book on White Guilt which is far from a good start. After that though he mostly lays into McCain and proposes effort to re-establish American conservatism. I don’t agree with his cultural stances at all but at least he is being constructive.

Which brings us to Ann Coulter. This quite unbelievable hateful screed (which I’m guessing is probably meant to be parody) says at one point "Republicans lost this presidential election, and I don’t blame the messenger; I blame the message." which is odd when the title of the piece is "THE REIGN OF LAME FALLS MAINLY ON MCCAIN". Anyway it blaims election defeat on: McCain, Pennsylvanians (who she calls ‘retards’), Florida Jews, "every Republican who voted for McCain in the primaries", etc, etc.

In Obama’s excellent speech he’s already called for personal sacrifice, personal commitment to country and community and reaching across political and cultural divides in these very troubled times. Whether he will do that we will have to wait and see. If he does we can only hope those that have been the most extreme leading lights of the Conservatism will now suffer their worst possible fate – vanishing into obscurity.