Why did McCain Pick Sarah Palin?

Madison Powers at CQ Politics wrote a piece discussing why John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. Did he think that the angry Hillary supporters were looking for was a woman who is for creationism but against all abortions and the idea that people have had an effect on climate change, and doesn’t have much knowledge about Iraq? Or did he think they would all identify with a young woman who got her job based on her good looks and short track record over much older and more qualified men? More likely this was a conscious attempt to revive the culture wars of the 1960s and pit the God-fearing, church-going, gun-toting, pickup-driving, real Americans against the dope-smoking, pseudo-intellectural, flag-and-bra-burning, anti-American, hippies. He may have thought his only chance was to bury the issues and run on warmed-over raw emotion. Initial indications show that the choice of Palin hasn’t gained him any women voters but has really revved up conservative men.