Former Seattle Police Chief on the high costs of the drug war – Although no chance of a change in public policy while the majority of the electorate is against it.
Sub-prime crisis: Property crash pushes third of US homebuyers into negative equity

Letters: Prince Charles, science and global hunger – I’m all for him speaking out. Every time he does we get one small step closer to being a republic.

In reference to the Russian / Georgia conflict – according to John McCain: “In the 21st century, nations don’t invade other nations.” You just couldn’t make this up..

Meanwhile politics at home…

Home office measure gives public bodies access to personal emails and texts

UK Gov’t Proposes Massive Internet Snooping, Data Storage

Children on DNA database ‘built by stealth’

British Government Considers Tenfold Increase To Copyright Penalty

UK Police Seize War on Terror Board Game
 –  Apparently because it contains a balaclava… If anyone wants to borrow my copy…