I’ve blogged before about the end of the future – the idea that people don’t look forward to a bright (or dark) future of great change with incredible social or technological changes just around the corner.

Anyway – a link from BoingBoing to a picture parody of that.

A lot of the reason why I think it is happening is that, in so many ways, we’re already there. I used to go on about video adverts on the tube escalators feeling very Jetson’s-like (I’ve seen video roadside billboards in London too now) but, 10 years or so behind everyone else, I’ve now bought a tiny iPod and that alone is inducing the same feeling.

Of course the incredibly shrinking world is helping too. I know people who go to India or China for less than a week and I speak to people in Texas and Beijing pretty much every day. Whenever there is news from out in the world somewhere (China earthquake or Russian / Georgian conflict) if I don’t know someone directly involved I’m usually no more than 2 or 3 degrees of separation away.

What does everyone else think? Do people still think there will be huge changes ahead or are we already moving so fast it’s hard to tell? What about social or technological changes that already make you feel like you’re living in the future…?