lareinemisere said

> 2. Am I reading it wrong, or are you (in this post and in the previous ones) using ‘irrational’ as an insult and considering ‘faith’ of any kind as
> something intelligent people should not have?

Not at all. I don’t object to “faith” per say. We all have “faith” all the time. Gravity will carry on working, the sun will come up in the morning, etc. All of those are situations where we believe  something to be true. In those cases with pretty good reason.

What I object to is people who hold strong beliefs are don’t admit that they hold them without supporting arguments. If people want to do that then that’s up to them and who the heck am I to judge them? No, I just like to see people stand up for what the believe.

> I only ask because it’s not so many years since you were complimenting me on being one of the few people you knew who ‘still believes
> in anything’, and my belief in the possibility of making the world a better place is not anything I can rationally justify. šŸ˜‰

Fair point – but faith in people and faith in the possibility of making the world a better place has more justification than faith in a deity (by a little margin at least).
>> 1. these people understand it and I have good reason to trust them
> Seems to me that most people born into a religion would say the same thing about the people who instruct them in their religion.

Different reasons. In the science case it is because of a chain of trust that runs all the way back to things you can see and measure yourself in the real world. In the case of religion it is only because it sounds plausible or fills a psychological need.