Band “shoots” video by sending Data Protection Act requests to CCTVs that caught them performing

7 insane conspiracies that actually happened – including President Bush’s grandfather trying to set up an American military coup (no-one denies this).

Hypocrite GOP House Leader Boehner wants wiretapping protection — but only for himself

1 in 8 Teaching Creationism in Science Class – Can this really be true – even in the US? There are a number of things I’ve not posted this time around (like the kid at a UK “Anonymous” protest threatened with arrest for called Scientology a “cult”) since I’m sure they are blown out of all proportion.

Bush’s Latest Power Grab – Short version – not on Signing Statements but retroactively being able to change previous signing statements to not have to write new laws.

No Abortion! No Exceptions! – John McCain is in trouble with the mainstream of his party for approving of abortions for incest, rape and when the mother is in mortal danger.

China’s All-Seeing Eye – massive explosion in surveillance, ID cards, etc to come shortly in China. Taking the UK model and scaling it UK. 200,000 CCTV in one city alone.

Wellington Grey’s Meeting Efficiency Formula.