I’m interested in people’s opinion about this – especially those involved in the law in any way.

Woman Indicted In MySpace Suicide Case

The girl in question killed herself after he online boyfriend turned from being highly supportive (as opposed to her parents and lack of any “real life” friends) to being at first manipulative and then nasty. Thing is – her “boyfriend” turned out to be her 50 year old female next door neighbour who built the whole charade on purpose.

While no-one denies that this woman is pretty evil the question is whether or not she is culpable in the death of the girl. If she isn’t she gets away with almost directly causing the death of the girl in question. If she is then it sets a hugely dangerous precedent connecting everything from name calling and social ostracism upwards to crimes as awful as manslaughter or murder.

Clearly most people would agree that she’s done something wrong and there should be a sliding scale of punishments for this kind of crime. As always it will be down to a jury to assess the slippery concept of guilt or innocent in cases like this.  The question is – what crime should she be brought to trial for?