I went to another Temple 2008 event again tonight – this time on Law and Religion. The panel was Anna Ford, a Jewish Lord Chief Justice, the ex-Primate of All Ireland, a highly political female Muslim lecturer and a staunch atheist (A.C. Grayling). Out of all the really interesting discussion, a lot of it prompted from great questions from the audience, what struck me most was how extremely nice all the panel were and how they were all without exception constantly commenting on good points the others made.

It was, however, something that happened after I left the event that stuck with me most. I popped over the road from the excellent modern church hall where the event was to a small kebab shop to grab something to eat on the way home. The shop was run by a couple of chirpy Arab fellas. When I arrived the only other customer was a skinhead hardnut looking guy who was going out of his way to be as polite as possible (apologised twice for bumping into me). While I was in the shop the following people came in: a young black very trendy guy, a frail old white guy and a young Chinese girl. All of the people were on first name terms with the people who ran the shop. They stood there with the middle aged, middle class elitist white guy and shared ordering a kebab. There may be hope for us yet