The end of Torchwood season 2 must have been pretty good as it pulled off something that would normally have me annoyed (killing of sympathetic characters) without making me angry. It will be interesting to see what happens next season.

The first episode of season 4 of BG was a corker! Impressive in pretty much every way. The show gets more like Lost all the time – characters stuck in a situation that they don’t understand with large numbers of unanswered questions that look like they will only be solved by an external deus ex (quite possibly literally in both cases).

I’ve been through by Lost issues before but my current ones for BG include:

  • What the heck does the hidden motivating force of the show (the creator of the humanoid cylons) actually want? They’ve had numerous opportunities to destroy what’s left of humanity but always turn back. Yet, if their cause does not involve genocide why keep killing so many people?
  • What advantage was there in hiding their own types of cylons from each other?
  • In the same vein why on earth go to the pretence of torturing Colonel Tigh?
  • A huge deal was made out of Boomer and Helo’s baby as being the only human / cylon hybred (with magic blood no less) but now there is Tyrol and Cally’s as well.
  • Tyrol was the one with the “vision” which took them to Temple of Five – yet he was a Cylon.
  • The last one is more of a character thing than a show mystery. “Starbuck” saying she would kill Anders if he were a cylon and yet tolerates Boomer. Inconsistent much?