Very random linkage…

The world is a very strange place : Transgender man is pregnantGreat Report on Scientology Protests and Pig bladder powder regrows human finger.

Network Solutions Suspends Site of Anti-Islam Film – for those who don’t know Network Solutions is the company that oversees domain name references (what turns into something a computer recognises) so them censoring something is like BT deciding to do the same thing.

Skeptic giggles on Indian national TV as mystic totally fails to curse him to death

Aerial Drones To Help Cops In Miami

Fun stuff to read in the lead up to next year : Marriages fall to 110-year low & Nearly half of marriages doomed
Calls to limit powers of faith schools

Straw makes case for election change

Giant Antarctic ice shelf breaks into the sea

PM to allow free vote on embryo bill – for those that who rail against “human / animal hybrids” forgetting that we are animals too…