As the world talks its way into recession:
Empty malls send dollar tumbling
Dollar’s tumble rattles global markets
Recession fear cuts Darling’s budget options
US job numbers fuel recession fears

Stupid “security”:
1 in 300 US residents are terrorists, according to gubmint
Heathrow Terminal 5 to fingerprint domestic passengers
Remixing the London police’s anti-photographer terrror posters

US politics:
US House Rejects Telecom Amnesty – case of Democrats finally growing a pair?
US Middle East commander quits – Iran attack closer?
Bush vetoes water torture ban – to be remembered (if for nothing else) as the president who used one of his few vetoes to allow torture
on the vitality of free speech – it’s a bit of a rant by Keith Olbermann is still one of the few things on TV worth watching today

Following on from BAE:
On behalf of CATT I just wrote another letter to the Attorney General – and now this : Law chief ‘delaying Serbian corruption case

Mother Jones on TV’s Solitary – Sick new show on Fox. There is no depth not to be plumbed for ratings. I remember a book I read once with a fake torture show having the highest ratings on TV. We’re not far from that now.

Sci / Tech:
Statue of Galileo Planned for Vatican – never too late I guess
Why we’re powerless to resist grazing on endless web data – story of my life!
Should Scientists Date People Who Believe Astrology? – How far would you go in saying “it’s perfectly acceptable for my friend / partner / etc to believe whatever they want”? Is it just a case of it’s okay as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or is there a step that’s just too far…?