Sperm from Bone Marrow? Men finally redundant (say insane people) :-).

Heavily Armed Officers on New York City Subways. Getting harder and harder to not see this leading somewhere really really bad.

‘Terrorists’ turned out to be president’s men. This is where paranoia gets you. 21 hours in custody for Pakistani PM’s associates.

Home repossessions leap by 21%. I’m seriously convinced that a recession is coming now. Confidence is shaky on both sides of the Atlantic, anyone paying attention knows the American economy is buggered and it’s really just a matter of time The thing is I don’t know what, if anything, we should do to prepare for it.

Williams defiant over Islam speech. More than anything I’m surprised as to why so many people are in turn surprised to see the spokesman for an irrational organisation has said something irrational…

There’s been no contest like it. They’re all saying it – if Obama is on the ballet it could really change everything. Only, he won’t be and if he was he probably wouldn’t win anyway.

Bush unveils record $3.1 trillion budget. With the President pretty much a Lame Duck there’s just enough time to get even more money for his friends before leaving the next person in to clear up. It’s amazing that as so many powerful people leave their positions early to spend the last decades of their lives working on the image for posterity (Tony Blair, Bill Gates) it really does look as though GWB just doesn’t care.