I went to my first Temple 2008 event this evening on Law and Science at The Royal Society. The panel was very interesting (the current President of the FRS, the ex government spokesman on science, a Nobel laureate, the ex head of the HFEA.and one of the leading fertility researchers).

However the event in general is what I found more interesting. There is a whole type of people that we never interact with (well, lots of different types obviously but bare with me). The average age in the audience was well in the 50s. I was the only man not wearing a shirt and tie. There were a significant numbers of Lords and Sirs (one man introduced himself as “head of the court of appeal”) and it was wall to wall cashmere.

The main conversations of the evening would be between all these people after the staged talks were over but by that time my brain was fried and I’m not sure that they would have talked to me anyway.

Still, enjoyable and I’m looking forward to the next one.