One of the nice things about being in London, having a bit of money and some free time is being able to go out and do what you want. As I hit middle age it looks like what I want to do is spend my time listening to smart people talk about stuff.

and I went to the open day at the Inns of Court and Royal Court of Justice on Saturday. On Tuesday I went to the first of the year’s worth of debates I bought at Intelligence Squared (this one about invading Iran) – plenty more of those to go to. Today I’ve booked up a stack of debates at Temple including the conflicts between law / religion and law / science. The first one is the Archbishop of Canterbury speaking about the integration of Islamic law and the law of the UK.

Smart stuff indeed.

On the way out of Intelligence Squared I was given a free copy of The Spectator (since the event was co-run by them). I’ve never read the magazine before and it’s a very strange beast. It seems to be 50% extremely astute unbiased political insight and 50% personal minutia of the kind of columnists who care deeply about mortgage prices and the price of sending their kids to public schools to not have to deal with the “lumpen proletariat”. The fact that there are enough people buying this to keep it going indicates an entire class of people that can actually afford to buy houses in London. Who knew?